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It’s been a long time between blogs.

I’m currently languishing at home after having an ankle fusion surgery. I’ll be out of the water for another month, so now is a great time to look back at the last two years. I’ve been busy!

My laptop recently had a run-in with a large bowl of soup, so I’m entering this blog on my iPhone with my chubby little sausage fingers.

Here goes:

I started what feels like a new chapter of my life on November 23, 2014. That evening, I was involved in a fairly nasty car accident. Thankfully I was the only injured party (aside from my car, Nigel; may he Rest In Peace). Although I’m lucky to be alive, my ankle was badly broken and dislocated. The left foot is NOT meant to face that way.

Conveniently, I work in an orthopedic practice. I got to experience life from the other side of the desk the next day! I couldn’t believe it when my doctor didn’t unwrap the bandages and splint the ER doctor had put on. He peeked in to make sure the bones hadn’t stuck all the way through the skin, then closed the bandages and told me I’d have to wait for the swelling to go down before he could operate. Ten revolting, bone-sliding days later!!!!!!!! Two plates and about thirteen screws were holding it together.

I was allowed back in the water relatively soon after the surgery. Once the incisions were closed, I was able to swim. Of course, I was non weight-bearing for a while, so it was tricky using crutches to get myself poolside, -and even trickier getting myself up the ladder, into my AirCast and back to the change rooms. My daughter was home from University on her winter break, and was able to drive me around. One of my first swims after the surgery was the 1 hour postal swim, which I did with the Chicago Smelts. I could only do open turns and push off with one leg, but it felt great to be in the water.

In February 2015, I was still only allowed to walk in the AirCast boot. But I couldn’t resist going to the inaugural US Winter Swimming Championships ┬áin Newport, Vermont. What a wonderful, crazy experience. I swam the 25m freestyle and loved every second.



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