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Russia Swims!

March 21, 2017 / by ironmike

Found out today, thanks to the DNOWS, that there are open water swims here in Russia!

The first one that I’ll participate in is only 360k from Moscow, in lake Seliger. The swim offers a nautical mile, 5K and 10K. I’m going to do the 10K. It’s a bit over one month prior to my 20 Bridges attempt, so it’ll be my last big swim prior to starting to lower my volume of training. Thankfully, the organizers will arrange a bus from Moscow there and back for a small fee.

The second one I’ll do will be a week prior to Manhattan, and I’m just doing it to support the organizers of this swim and so I have an excuse to visit Nizhny Novgorod! That swim will be 5K, and I’ll just take my time, stretch out and enjoy it.

So excited to find this out today! Perhaps some of my dear reader(s) will come to Russia to participate?! (The organizers will help with visas and hotels!)

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