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Great swim today

March 30, 2017 / by ironmike

Can’t believe what a great swim I had today!

So today I decided to just do an easy 3 x 1000. I pulled my hamstring yesterday, or perhaps just got a cramp. Anyway, my leg hurt. So I took it slow. But when I finished the first thousand in 17:00, I started to get concerned. Holy crap, I usually swim that in 17:45 or 18 minutes. Why so fast today? I wasn’t even trying!

So I took my usual 10 seconds rest, then started my second thou…

…and finished 2000 yards in 35:00. Never, ever have I swum that fast!

I didn’t even feel like I was going fast. I did feel like I was very efficient. So I started my third thousand, and finished it at 50 and some change.

Normally, that takes me 57-58 minutes! What the hell is going on? Granted, it’s been a while since I’ve timed myself, but holy wow.

What I’ve decided after today’s wonderful workout is to swim a CSS test tomorrow. The last time I did the CSS test (Dec 13th), I ended up with

CSS test
5:58 for 400
2:48 for 200

New CSS Pace:

I really think I may have dropped my CSS time. I’ll report back tomorrw!

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