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They’re multiplying!

April 7, 2017 / by ironmike

OK, so Russian swims are multiplying over here. I just keep finding them! I am so freaking excited. Such a difference from last time I was here.

Last time I was here (2009-2012), I had heard of a nautical mile swim just outside of Moscow from the lifeguard at the embassy pool. I tried twice to participate in that swim, but the organizers never answered my emails. Fine.

But now, holy crap! I’ve found 6. SIX! Seriously, awesome! Swims from a nautical mile to 12k, from Moscow all the way east (nine time zones away!) in Vladivostok. I mean…wow! So nice that the Russians are embracing open water.

Only issue so far is wetsuits. Two swims are organized by an organization whose rules about wetsuits are kinda lame. Bottom line: if the water is 20C or under, wetsuits are mandatory for their 3K and 5K swims. Yuck. I hate wetsuits.

But…their nautical mile swims are wetsuit-optional. Even better, the organizers said I could sign up for the mile and if the water is above 20 on swim day, I can switch to the 5K. So that’s my plan for 27 May, which is perfect as that swim is only 15km from my house! The swim is in a rowing venue, artificial lake created for rowing events.

I am so damn excited. Even better, the organizers are so excited to have a foreigner take part in their events. I hope to make some Russian friends through these swims. What an exciting time to be stationed in Russia!

2 thoughts on “They’re multiplying!

  1. Daria says:

    Hi Mike! I found your blog accidentally, you are so great!
    I’m an amateur swimmer from St.Petersburg. We have much more openwater races in Russia)
    I’m going to Issyk Kul for swimming camp with my club this summer. And I will very appreciate if you can share your experience.
    I also going to participate in Seliger Swim, will glad to see you there.

    Kr, Daria

    • ironmike says:

      Привет Дария!

      Welcome to my blog! I just found a great list of OW swims here in Russia that I’ll blog about this week.

      You’ll love Issyk Kul, it is still my favorite lake. If you search Issyk Kul on my blog, you’ll find all my reports about the lake and where to stay (if you need suggestions).

      I will see you at the Seliger Swim!


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