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Issyk Kul again?

April 29, 2017 / by ironmike

As the weather gets better, my brain starts thinking up swims that I’d like to do. Oh, to be independently wealthy. Anyway, I was recalling how much fun Issyk Kul was last year, and I began to wonder…

…could I swim there and back? No, not from Russia. I mean, the route I took last year (Kara-Talaa to Toru-Aygyr). Could I swim that twice? It would “only” be ~17 miles. And I’d get a bit of a rest when I complete the first half. I could stuff my face, maybe get a hug or two, then get back in the water.

Nothing like this could happen this year, what with Manhattan being my biggie. But why not next year? Bishkek is a short, inexpensive flight from Moscow. I still know people there. I could go over a long weekend. The boat captain would probably love to escort me again. Might even be able to bring some of my crew (son and daughter, Talas and Olesya) with me. Hmm…I’ll have to think this one through. (I’ve already written to Talas and Olesya about talking to Kurbat, the boat captain. My question to him is which direction should I swim first and when should I start. We’ll see what he thinks.)

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