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Multiplying like rabbits

May 19, 2017 / by ironmike

A keen observer of my FB comments sent me a message yesterday

Hello Mike!
I believe you were interested in OWS events in Moscow – here’s another new series

And sure enough, I clicked on the link (probably not safe from a computer security stand-point) and found FOURTEEN MORE OW SWIMS IN RUSSIA!

I mean, really. Holy crap. First thing I thought of when returning to Moscow after a four-year hiatus: Wow, the sidewalks are so much cleaner and wider. (They used to have kiosks and cars all over the sidewalks, but that ended a few years ago during the “Night of the Long Shovels.”)

My next thought after a couple weeks: Wow, Russian craft beer has really taken off. (Previously, you had the choice of Baltika or Baltika. No, really. And all the numbers except 6 and 8 were horrible. Sure there was also Ochakovo porter, but that was hard to find. Seriously, this city was such that celebrated the opening of a beer pub because it had, wait for it…eight beers on tap. EIGHT. WHOLE. BEERS. Yeah. That was news in 2010. But now…beers are plentiful and tasty.)

But never, ever, did I think that I’d be able to swim so much here. And I mean open water. Here as in not only Moscow, but in other cities in Russia! My last time here there was one open water swim annually, and it was a nautical mile. That’s it. My discovery today ,with the help and support of my new Russian friend, has brought the total number of Russian swims happening this summer to 45. Forty-freaking-five! Seriously! How is that possible?

So for the purposes of documentation, here are all the Russia swims I’ve found so far:

Same rules apply: italics are the ones I’m attending, and the bold is the event I’m swimming. Look at that list! Holy jeez, there are so many swims. In fact, I’m seriously considering postponing my planned Gibraltar swim next summer to simply swim as many of these swims as possible next summer. I can always swim Gibraltar, it’s harder to swim in Russia, what with visa requirements and all that. Perhaps next summer I’ll simply swim every weekend that I can, see how many swims I can do before leaving.

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