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Lake Issyk Kul Swimming Challenge

July 3, 2017 / by ironmike

I was terribly excited today to see a notification pop up in my FB account. Someone uploaded a picture to the Lake Issyk Kul Swimming Federation.

Turns out my local doctor from my crossing has been talking up the wonderfulness of swimming across Issyk Kul with some triathletes and swimmers at World Class Fitness in Bishkek, and these guys have decided to try their hand at crossing the lake!

My doctor friend is getting more info from the guys attempting this and will pass it on to me, so I’ll do another blog entry after I learn more. What I have learned so far is that they’re going to follow the rules that I followed: no wetsuit, no touching the boat, dry land to dry land, same route I did almost a year ago (6 July 2016).

So glad to see this beautiful lake get some love from swimmers. Oh, and they intend to do this every year, so perhaps this’ll be on Iron Mike’s schedule next year!

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