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Pictorial tour of a mussels farm

August 16, 2017 / by ironmike

Today we took a different kind of tour: All you can eat mussels, swimming and a tour of Our Lady of the Rocks church. Kinda costly (50 euros per person), but in the end, worth every cent!

We got picked up in downtown Kotor and were motored to a mussels farm in Drazin Vrt. Four of the lines belonged to the owner of the restaurant we ate at. We were able to sit, swim, enjoy some homemade wine (so good) and play with the kayak.

That basket at the bottom of the second picture is filled with oysters. My wife knocked back 10 like a pro. A bit after taking that picture, a sea bass about a foot long stupidly swam into that area. The Russian woman cooking for us netted it easily with a small toy net about 7 inches in diameter. That poor fish I’m sure is by now someone’s lunch.

The kids played around with the kayak. I have a newfound respect for kayakers; it is not easy steering those things. We also found three jellyfish in the mussel farm. Upon coming home and doing some expert Internet research, we discovered that they were from the Cotylorhiza tuberculata kingdom and phylum, better known as the fried egg jellyfish. According to the wiki, its sting has little to no effect on humans. Not that I want to run into one, but that is comforting since we’ve seen lots of them when we were boating in the middle of the bay. All I know is before our next swim-able vacation, I’m buying a waterproof camera. Those things were so beautiful from underwater.

We ate about 200 mussels between the six of us eating them. Our youngest isn’t a big seafood fan so she ate the local sausage, ćevapčići, which itself is so dang good, and 30 euro cheaper for her!

We hung around the mussel farm, swimming and enjoying ourselves, petting the local cats, until it was time to head to Our Lady of the Rock church, a 500+ year old Catholic church on an artificial island in the middle of the bay. Quite a beautiful stop on our way home from stuffing ourselves with mussels.

Not really a swimming entry today, I’m sorry. But I did want to write about the beauty of this place. Highly recommended, two thumbs up!

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