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Sochi Swim Festival

October 7, 2017 / by ironmike

I’ll do a post of pictures from my swims in Sochi, but wanted to do a quick post about how we did.

Went down to Sochi last weekend with two work colleagues (Jen and Sabrina) to take part in the Sochi Swim Festival, organized by the Champions Cup folks. I signed up for the 5.5K and my friends signed up for the nautical mile. Together, we signed up for the 3 x 1000m relay.

Jen and Sabrina both did well in their mile swim, Jen getting 3rd out of 12 and Sabrina 2nd out of 3. I also got 2nd…out of two. Ha! More importantly, I set a new PR with a 1:52.33, which was my time two years ago in Raslina when I swam my best (feeling) 5K ever. So this 5.5K swim felt even better!

The relay was a freaking blast. It was the last event (around noon) so the water started to get rough/wavy. Each of us had to do a lap; I was first, then Jen, and Sabrina finished us up. The first lap folks started en masse with the swimmers doing the 1K solo. It was a nice crowded start. I managed 21:53. We all had our team’s number on our left arms and when the RD saw us getting close to finishing, he’d call out the team number and the next swimmer would stand on the end of the pier and dive in once told to start. Together we got 4th out of 5 mixed teams with a final time of 1:10:59.

This was such a great conclusion to a fun season. More later, to include pictures of beautiful Sochi, Russia.

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