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Russia Swims!

March 21, 2017 | 2017 Season, Swimming Anthropology | Permalink

Found out today, thanks to the DNOWS, that there are open water swims here in Russia! The first one that I’ll participate in is only 360k from Moscow, in lake Seliger. The swim offers a nautical mile, 5K and 10K. I’m going to do the 10K. It’s a bit over one month prior to my […]

Born under a bad sign

March 12, 2017 | 2017 Season, Iconic marathon swim | Permalink

So, as dear reader(s) of mine know, I swim regularly in a very short pool. Longer than my pool in Kyrgyzstan but shorter than a typical pool. No matter, while the pool is short, it’s still just filled with water. That’s all you really need to swim, right? I get the time horizontal in. Need […]

Lucy ceesa

March 4, 2017 | 2017 Season | Permalink

So we had some excitement this week. No, not me. Yes, I got some swims in. That’s not the big news. Daughter #2 took part in an international swim meet here in Moscow. Her international school, Anglo-American School (AAS), hosted 7¬†other schools from Central and Eastern Europe (Bucharest, Baku, Kyiv, Sofia, Prague, Budapest, and Warsaw). […]

Happy birthday!

February 22, 2017 | 2017 Season, Humor | Permalink

(If you’re reading this on FB, please click the link over to my blog. It helps my stats!)   Today’s is my wife’s birthday. What does a marathon swimming husband do for his wife on her big 5-0? ¬†Swim 50 x 100, of course! Before you think I’m some kind of monster, rest easy, dear […]

Wow, February already?

February 19, 2017 | 2017 Season | Permalink

(If you’re reading this on FB, please click the link over to my blog. It helps my stats!)   Hadn’t realized it has been so long since I posted. Jeez. Much has happened. For instance, I didn’t win the Marathon Swimmers Federation solo swimmer. Not big surprise for the competition I had. (Congrats Howard James!) […]

A Marathon Swim in Russia!

January 27, 2016 | 2017 Season, Grand Plan | Permalink

OK, so late-to-the-game IronMike here just heard about the Global Swim Series. I’ll let the good folks at the GSS explain what the series is: The Global Swim Series is a collection of independent races from all over the world that have joined together to promote open water swimming and a healthy, active and adventurous […]