For the first time ever, I had three others join me for my birthday swim.

Since we only had the pool for 2 hours, I tried to come up with something that would fill the time slot and be a good challenge.

I presented Rondi, Ed and Willie a choice of three options:

A) 188 x 25 Fly on :30 (4700 yards)

B) 47 x 150 Free on 2:10 (7050 yards)

C) 47 Rounds of: 75 Free on 1:10; 75 (25 Fl, 25 Bk, 25 Br) on 1:10 (7050 yds)

Option A was flatly rejected by my pool-mates, but I wanted to get some fly in so we went with Option C.

Since everyone except for yours truly was skimping on the stroke stuff, I modified the interval to 1:05 for the Free 75’s, and 1:15 for the IM 75’s. (If you’ve ever seen my breaststroke, you know that this was a rather important modification)

I’m thinking maybe 2x 4800 on 60 minutes for next year…..
(might be solo again)