The Eggplant that Ate Chicago

With less than 4 weeks until the big swim, I’m running out of time to re-acclimatise myself to the cold.

Sick of sitting in a cold bath with only my hives for company, I ventured into Ohio St Beach, Chicago, for a quick immersion in Lake Michigan. My friend Liz went with me, though she vowed she wasn’t coming in to rescue me should the need arise. Hmmmm. I was also accompanied by my good friend Stanley, and Pepe, my newly acquired Epipen (in case of apopleptic shock).

What a beautiful day! Sunny, outside air temperature in the high 60’s and smooth, blue waters.

Water temperature supposedly in the high 40’s

My thermometer read 51-52, and I’m going with that!

I set a modest goal of 20 minutes, as I wanted the day to be a success. Longer swims can come later.

25 minutes later I emerged feeling great! Shivery of course, but not too bad 
I was red all over, like a sunburn, but not a hive in sight 



Lunch in the sun at Bubba Gump’s defrosted me and we headed home.

Determined to insulate myself as much as possible, I stopped by the Haagen Daaz store on the way to the carpark.

Me: “I’ll have the dulce Sunday please”

Haagen Daaz girl: “ok”

Me: “how much will that be?”

HD Girl: “that’ll be $8.50”

Me: “$8.50?”

HD Girl: “$8.50.”

Me: “$8.50?”

HD Girl: “$8.50.”

Me: (discreetly looking for a price list) “$8.50?”

Thinking I’d heard wrong (people talk funny in Chicago) I handed her a $20. $11.50 came back to me accompanied by a delicious treat.  oh well!