Those of us who were unsuccessful in the original Manhattan Island Marathon swim in June have been offered a second chance!

The organisers have been generous enough to allow us another go at the swim on July 24th. it’s called a “quiet” swim, so shoosh please.

I’ve decided to take them up on their offer, as I know I’m capable of this swim.

Of course it means I’ll miss the Kingdom Swim in VermontĀ 

Kingdom swim looked like such a fun weekend with friends that it was VERY difficult to decide. But, well, I’ve done such a lot of training and am sure I can do it, one day…..

So, with 3 weeks to go until #2, I did my last long swim. I was in the water 6 hours, although this included toilet breaks. My white board was so brand spanking new I refrained from noting my toilet breaks out of respect, but here goes..


Ok, it’s not much yardage for a 6 hour swim but I wasn’t swimming continuously. I did a few of my favourite workouts and tried to keep my 100 times as consistent as possible. Consistently slow, that is.

To my friends Chaos, Gretchen and Kim doing the Kingdom Swim in Vermont..

“Harden the f%#k up!!” haha

good luck and I hope to swim with you guys soon!