Chicken’s List

12 days to MIMS!!!!!!!!

My packing list:

-2 suits;
-4 new pairs of goggles (two tinted, two clear);
-one old pair of goggles for Brighton swim;
-2 caps (one silicon, one latex, both lucky);
-my OW kit (personal lubricants and sunscreen);
-4 feed bottles with string;
-Perpetuem (enough for 9 1/2 hrs worth of feeds, + spare)
-Gu’s (about 8);
-sandwich baggy full of Advil®
-instructions re pre-race meeting etc, copy of flights and hotel reservation;
-Goody bag for my crew;
-cooler bag for crew’s food/drinks;
-fishing tackle;
-thankyou cards/$ for boat crew and kayaker;
-swim backpack for stuff at race start;

-Flip video camera;
-phone and charger;
-ipod and charger;
-camera and charger;
-reading glasses;

-7 pairs of underpants;
-6-7 outfits (dresses, skirts etc);
-1 pair of nice shoes and 1 pair of flipflops;
-light jacket;
-swim parka for race start;
-ball cap for after swim hair disasters;
-hair and makeup stuff;
-modest night attire so as not to scare my roommate;
-nice handbag containing wallet & sundry personal items;

To buy in NY

-water bottles and coke/ginger beer for boat;
-food for crew on boat;
-tshirts for kids that say “My mum went to New York and all I got was this crappy tshirt”

Did I forget anything?

Oh, and to donate to my cause (The American Macular Degeneration Foundation), please to go:

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