With only a week to go until I attempt Stage 7 of the 8 Bridges swim, three questions remain:

1. Will my nasty, impinged shoulders survive? My guess is, yes they will. Between my two best friends pictured below, a big rubber band and my physical therapist, I think I’m in with a shot;


2. If my shoulders survive, will my extremely low-mileage training get me there? Yes to that too. Not sure how, but yes.

and the last and most important question is the only one to which I have no answer

3. What suit will I wear?


Clockwise from upper left, we have

  1. the Toowoon Bay SLSC suit that I wore for my fizzled out Catalina attempt. This is the club my nephews and niece do nippers at in Australia, and I’ve swum there a few times. I owe this suit some redemption. It’s as comfy as can be but needs the straps shortened.
  2. a new Swimoutlet.com suit in a nice maroon color.
  3. a fairly worn out but comfy black suit with red piping around the edges. Possibly still full of pollen from the lake because the last time I wore it I got a rash on my chest.
  4. a new Speedo super skinny, super small buttocked suit that I bought recently, hoping I could wear it to even out my tan lines. It has a cut out waist. I don’t think my waist is meant to bulge out of the cutouts but it does.
  5. Sparkles the Red. Super comfy, sparkly. This suit has everything. I did get a slight under arm chafe wearing it for 3 hours yesterday.
  6. The Thunder from Downunder (this refers to my thighs, not my heritage). As worn in Kingdom swim and Swim the Suck in 2010. Getting a little worn out, but so am I.
  7. The White Suit.
  8. Rob Aquatics. Veteran suit. No futher explanation needed.

What’ll it be?


2 weeks out from 8 Bridges!! I took my miserable, sore, impinged shoulders to Ohio St late this afternoon for a change of scenery.

The water was much warmer than it had been at The Point the previous day, measuring about 67 in the ankle deep bit by the shore.

That wasn’t the only difference though. After a few strokes I felt something tangled around my fingers. It felt like a long hair in the pool.


It wasn’t hair.

it was weed. But it felt like hair. Yuk.
After 3 miles I was covered in it. It was wrapped around my neck and in my suit.
Long, beautiful hair. Now I’m hairy high and low. Don’t ask me why…give me down to there hair. Let if fly in the breeze and get caught in the trees.