Minneapolis: Five Days, Four Workouts!

Screenshot 2014-06-01 16.56.23

For the last five days I’ve been in Minneapolis for the Law and Society Association’s annual meeting, which has been an absolute delight. What’s also delightful is the location of my AirBnB rental, uptown near Hennepin and 28th, and next door to the spic-and-span Uptown YWCA. What a terrific facility!

I did three swim workouts, which I absolutely loved. The water is chlorinated, but treated with UV that makes it feel less harsh. The facility is almost empty. I never had to circle and only twice shared a lane, for a very short time.  The first two workouts focused on intervals and short sprints; on the third one, I just swam for fun, enjoyed gazing at the beautiful light caressing the pool through the big windows, and exchanged pleasantries and jokes with the folks in the other lanes. And how can one not enjoy swimming when the wall bears the inscription “eliminating racism, empowering women”?

The fourth workout was the Fred Dubow Memorial Fun Run, which we do every year at LSA. As the Bia map above indicates, it was not a three-miler! But the course took us on bridges across the Mississippi River, and despite the suffocating heat it was a beautiful way to get to see the city.

Back in San Francisco tonight, where I need to sort out my pool situation and start racking up yards for Kingdom Swim!

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