Exciting Shorts

Hey! Here’s my new wacky summer cap!

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Lots of short, fun things occurring. After last weekend’s 4k lake swim, I got excited about Kingdom Swim and am back at the USF pool every day. I’m not swimming particularly long workouts, but I’m working on technique and breathing and healthy body mechanics, which strikes me as very important.

Today I spent my swim time coaching my friend Ziggy, who is training for his first sprint triathlon. Ziggy is a fabulous runner and cyclist and used to swim quite a bit as a kid (his turns are great!) and only needed a little bit of Total Immersion guidance on streamlining, calm breathing, and making himself horizontal. By the end of practice his form was looking pretty great, which I was very happy about!

Tomorrow morning I’m swimming the Golden Gate Sharkfest. I wish the swim started and ended in San Francisco, which would simplify my morning, but I’m sure the idea to go to Sausalito, take the ferry, and swim South to North makes sense tidewise. The race is 1.6 miles, but I’m told that the water near the South Tower is problematic and crazy and that we should expect to be pushed to the East. We’ll see how it goes, and I hope the Great Whites will take a day off.

On Sunday, I’m going, as a spectator, to see the Santa Clara Grand Prix. I’ve never gone to a pool meet before! And with all my swim heroes, too. Beside myself with anticipation!

And the following Saturday, I’ll swim my first-ever pool meet! It’s the Pacific Masters Long Course Championship in San Mateo. Fear not, gentle reader, that I might break some record by accident; I will be the slowest of the slow, which will become even more ridiculous given the fact that my coach wants me to swim the 1500m. I suppose going as long as possible offers the least chance of embarrassment and mortification, but I can see people in the bleachers thinking, “I wish this lady got out of the pool so we could move on with the meet.” I have a game plan, which essentially consists of negative-splitting the three 500m chunks of the swim. I told the coach that I would just embarrass the team, but he was fairly insistent that I do it, and I caved in to the (nicely laid) guilt trip.

All of which may not be joblike, grueling preparation for Kingdom Swim, but I’m still putting in some happy, smart yards, and more importantly, shaking off the cobwebs and getting back in the habit of swimming every day.



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