Operation AquaLazarus

Hello, Folks – it’s been a while.

Some of the delay is down to non-swimming circumstances: my book, which has nothing to do with swimming, has come out, and I’ve been on book tour for  a couple of months. Also, the herniated disc is back, and as I was in a world of pain, every drop of energy I had went into writing, teaching, and book promotion.

But some of it is the effect of a shame spiral wrought by the vicious cycle of back pain-weight gain-pool avoidance. I haven’t been swimming regularly since January, and I’m still eating as if I’m training/racing, and that certainly has not improved matters re back pain, yada yada.

Today, for the first time in months, I woke up with a burning desire to address the physical discomfort and the sluggishness and went to the Mission Pool, where I put in about an hour of work, which at my new geriatric pace amounts to about 2.5k. I’m hereby declaring the festive beginning of Operation AquaLazarus, an operation designed to revive my physical wellbeing, muscle tone, flexibility, and cardio, and to help me support my back situation.

I have aborted the plan to do Gibraltar this summer – it’s too much pressure and it’s a race that requires minimal speed that I simply cannot deliver this year. I still have to make up my mind about Kingdom Swim.  But for now, I’m taking an extended break from racing so as to not put too much pressure on myself as I work to simply establish a daily swimming routine that will keep me in shape and hopefully help my spine recover without surgery.

Any comments, encouragement, and advice will be most welcome.