Adding Strength to my Swimming

I’m heading to Vermont in a week to swim Kingdom Swim again. I love the course, I love my kayaker Christine, I love Phil, I love Ruthie who owns Little Gnesta guesthouse, and I think I’ll have a marvelous time swimming in the lake all week and on race day.

I’m very slow and undertrained, but I think I can swim ten miles on determination and fumes and on the little I’ve done. But it is making me think: I’ve tended to rely on technique in my swimming and really neglect strength and cross-training. Maybe, as I get into my forties, it’s a good idea to get a more well-rounded fitness regime going on.

For the last two days, I’ve been obsessively watching this video:

I really crave that kind of strength, and am thinking that maybe my technique has taken me as far as it can at this point and it’s time to invest in overall fitness in the hopes that it’ll lift me out of my swimming plateau.

2 thoughts on “Adding Strength to my Swimming”

  1. Sadly can’t see the video in “my” country. But I’m sure she’s awesome.

    Strength training, I think, certainly helps with swimming. But it’s especially important for us swimmers with respect to bone density. You, as a woman, have even more reason to strength train, if the thousands of webpages I’ve read are even partially correct. Osteoporosis is something to avoid!

    Good luck! Let us know how your training goes.

  2. I agree, Mike – osteoporosis is real, and we get a lot of benefits from swimming, but weight-bearing resistance training is not one of them.

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