Back to Pilates

I’m happy to report that I’m taking my desire to get stronger pretty seriously. My first foray back to the world of conditioning is one that is fairly familiar to me. In the early 2000s I was a Pilates instructor at a little dance studio in Berkeley. In those days I practiced at home for about 20-25 mins every day in addition to the time spent at the studio, which enabled me to walk around and correct students’ positions when necessary without compromising my attention to my own fitness.  Pilates brought me back from a knee injury, and it appeals to me more than yoga. Studios have all kinds of marvelous machines, but you can get a full and demanding workout on your own, on a mat, with no equipment whatsoever.

This is the fifth successive day that I’ve done a 20-minute workout at home. I can no longer perform some of the very challenging tricks I could do ten years and forty pounds ago, but I’m going to build up to that slowly. I’ve compiled a new routine out of the original Joe Pilates book, Return to Life Through Contrology, and out of Michael King’s thorough and excellent The Pilates Workbook. Any marathoners contemplating a Pilates routine to complement their swimming will appreciate the purist approach and the emphasis on breathing, control, isolation, and precision.

Tomorrow I’m planning to do my routine early in the morning and then head to a completely different physical adventure: my first ever (and maybe last?) crossfit class.

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