Fitness Adventures: Crossfit Beginners Class

In my quest for improved strength I found myself at Crossfit Alinea, attending their open class for beginners. It was quite a workout and it was hard, but very satisfying. It started off with a warmup, which included squats, scapular pushups and burpees, as well as some range-of-motion things. Then, they placed an agility ladder on the floor and walked us through several running/skipping drills on the ladder. That bit was very enjoyable. Then, we moved to the kettlebells and learned how to lift them, at which point we were told we were going to do an eight-minute workout. The workout consisted of pairing up with someone else and doing alternating rounds of 10 kettlebell lifts and 6 burpees (with a leap over a big box beteween each two burpees.) Toward the end of the eight minutes I was wiped out and my burpees had lost shape, but I could see the value in it and felt rather accomplished at the end. The ambiance and background music is very Banlieue 13, which makes one feel ridiculous and empowered in equal measure, and filled me with a powerful desire to do parkour.

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