In Vermont! And, New Workout Craze

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I’m in Newport, Vermont, again! Such joy! Everything here exudes freshness and calm.  I arrived yesterday via Montreal, and am planning to stay several days for a swimming and writing retreat, which will culminate in Saturday’s Kingdom Swim. I don’t think my disc can take 10 miles, so I downgraded to 6 miles. This morning I swam a nice mile and a half (my course is plotted above) and had an absolutely marvelous time. The water is in the low 70s and there’s a light breeze that keeps things interesting but not frustrating. A gentle sun warmed my back and I was overall blissful and excited about swimming in the lake every day for a week!

I’m also going to do some light Pilates in my apartment (I’m staying at Vita Huset, which is awesome, beautiful and excellent in every respect), and maybe look for a local yoga place. This is all inspired by the workout I attended on Sunday before leaving home.

Elevate studio is an eight-minute scooter ride from my house and offers group classes. Their setup is quite unique: they have “stations” near the wall, which include a yoga mat, a small barre, and a set of resistance straps attached to the wall, whose height can be adjusted. The classes–55 mins long, peppy music, young lithe clientele–are a combination of yoga, pilates, and resistance training. They flow and are fun, and the instructor is very knowledgeable and offers great modifications. I think I might take them up on their new joiner discount and get an unlimited subscription for six months to see if I like it. While not nearly as intense or gritty as crossfit, it does give you an excellent and challenging workout, and that feels like exactly what I need to take my swimming to the next level and improve my cycling.

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