Another Open Water swim in the area

Friend of the blog and awesome marathon swimmer Franco Prezioso tipped me off on a new OW swim in this area. It’s called the Choptank Bridge Swim (yeah, I know, strange name), in Columbia, MD, and there are two swims available. You have the choice of the short swim (their name) of 1.6 miles or the long swim of 3.6.

I signed up for the 3.6 and for now, my May is almost full. I’ve got swims three of those weekends, so I’m happy. Girl #2 doesn’t have any swim meets in May, which makes familial logistics easier. Two of the swims are out in eastern Maryland, so it might be fun to do a one-nighter with the spousal unit and select non-employed children. Just what I need before I deploy.

The swim sounds awesome and a good price, based on my calculus.


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