5KM became 7.76 somehow

Swam today from Sutivan to Supetar. According to Mr Google, it is a 5.15km swim. I started my Garmin GPS watch just like every other time. When I landed in Supetar (granted, I landed a bit farther than originally planned), I stopped the watch to learn that I did 7.76km instead.

Map for the island of Brač
Map for the island of Brač

Not sure how I did that. The place I landed was only about 600m farther than planned. So how did 5 become 7 and some change? Easy. Zig zag. My crap navigation. I went back to Google maps and took my route, and made it zig zag all the way from Sutivan to Supetar and sure enough, you can get an extra 2.76km that way. Jeez.

It was a fun swim, although I’m suffering from some light sun burn on my back right now. It got really deep at one point, to where I couldn’t see the bottom, and that kind of freaked me out. I was all alone out there, pretty far from shore (500m? 600?), and you know, all those scary beach movies start to come to mind. “We’re gonna need a bigger boat,” and all that. But I maintained.

About a k from the end, a jet skier went by with his kid, slowly, looking at me like I was crazy. Five minutes later, he and another jet skier came by. The new guy said, “You can’t swim here.” I answered, “No, it’s ok. I’m just swimming there,” and pointed at the ending. He said “Hop on, I’ll take you.” I said, “Uh, no. I have to swim. And I have this bright orange thing here so you can see me.” He looked at me like I was stupid and he and the other guy took off at fullspeed, and I got to swim through some bubbles for a while.

As I was approaching the landing, I got a welcome from apparently one of Supetar’s finest. Some old guy sunning himself on the rocks, commando-style, legs spread, with all of his glory out there for all to see. I found a place on the rocks a bit away from him to land, then I saw why that old guy was sitting where he was. About 20m from him, and in the direction he was facing, were three 20-something women, two of whom had no tops on. They didn’t seem to mind and he sure was happy. 😉

All in all a great swim, if not long (2:50). Fembot, her sister, and daughter #2 walked and swam to Supetar, then we all walked back. The GPS said 7k almost exactly for the walk when we got to the house, so a very good day when you throw in that other half of my duathlon! Next up on the plan, a swim to Milna?!

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