Happy birthday!

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Today’s is my wife’s birthday. What does a marathon swimming husband do for his wife on her big 5-0?  Swim 50 x 100, of course!

Before you think I’m some kind of monster, rest easy, dear reader(s). My wife was at the gym too, only she was weight-lifting!

My 100s went well. The pool is SCM, so I’m not too fast in that size pool. The first ten were on a nice 1:45, getting to 1:50 by the end. But that wore me out. So I changed my interval to 2:10 for the next 30+. It’s funny how many meters I have to do before I feel loose and fast. I cut the interval down to 2:05 and even for 40-44 I swam them at just under two minutes so for those five 100s I took off right on 2:00. Then the last 5 x 100 I slowed it down to 2:15-ish, with the last one being half back/half free. Total time, 1:45. Great for me.

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