In the “what a small world” department

Did another great (feeling) swim today. Still babying my elbow, so a calm 10 x 500 with a little 100 back/free cool down. Felt great, elbow didn’t hurt. Did the 5000m in 1:40, which is great for me.

But the most amazing part of the swim today is when I showed up. My daughter’s coach (also named Mike) had a UT Longhorns t-shirt on. I gave him the Hook ’em Horns sign and mentioned that I was raised in Texas. He asked where. “Small town outside Houston” I said. “Really? Where?” When I told him where, he was shocked. “Did you go to Willowridge High?”  Sure enough, I did!

Ended up he went to the high school only 15 miles from my high school, and fewer than 10 miles from my home! He graduated Clements High in the fourth-ever class to graduate. I only know this because a guy that I knew from Scouts graduated in the school’s first-ever graduating class of something like 5 or 6 total students  in 1985.

It gets weirder. We of course talked about swimming and I mentioned my best friend from high school being the sole member of the Willowridge High swim team, and it turned out that Mike knew my friend. They both swam in the same club team! Even weirder, when I mentioned what suburb I lived in (Hunters Glen I), turns out Mike lifeguarded in the neighboring suburb, Hunters Glen III!

Wow, talk about a small world.

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