Review of the film “Sea Donkey”

“Tenacity” is one of the adjectives used to describe Adrian Sarchet, resident of Guernsey, long distance swimmer and the 28th person to swim the Irish Channel, star of the film Sea Donkey.

The movie is 1:35 and starts out pretty slow. Kind of like many adult open water swimmers! The first half hour or so covers his months of training in the waters off Guernsey. Especially appreciated is the glimpses of his failures. You learn so much from your failed attempts, I’m glad the producers decided to keep those bits in the film.*

Sarchet is lucky in that he has a super supportive family, to include his wife, father, mother, friends from his swim club, locals. This is highlighted throughout the movie; this would be a great movie for your family to watch or for your crew to watch, especially if they are new to supporting a crazy person who’ll be swimming for 12+ hours. He follows a rule that some of us have learned: no spouse on the boat. The last thing he wanted was to worry about his wife getting sick. The last thing his wife needed was to see how hurt he was at the end.

I’ve already given up the ending, but that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of watching this film. Watching Sarchet’s determination and tenacity. Realizing the effects a swim of that magnitude and cold has on a body. How your health is affected by jellyfish and cold water. Yet, how will can win over pain.

IronMike’s rating: Two thumbs up!

*Be sure to spend the time to watch the bonus features; well worth it.

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