Back on the straps

Traveled this week and needed to find a way to keep up my swimming. Well duh! Thinking back to my days in Kyrgyzstan, I had the answer: Aqua Sphere Stationary Swimmer, in other words, straps!

I found two hotels with indoor pools, strapped myself to the “deep” end’s ladder, and swam away. I remember pretty much right away how boring it is. Ugh. However, it certainly is nice to not have to flip-turn for an hour or so. Sure can get a lot done, thinking-wise, while swimming in place.

Got two swims in during this trip. Better than not getting in the water. My shoulder feels worse than it normally does after just a little bit of swimming. I wonder if this pain is specific to my swimming on straps vice swimming free. Hmmm…something to investigate.

My playground this week!

3 thoughts on “Back on the straps”

  1. If stationary swimming bothers your shoulders, consider some aqua fitness cross-training. Try a class, then use a hotel pool for things like giant soccer kicks, ski with diagonal press, etc. And if there is no deep end, let me know- I have actually developed the Ultra Shallow Power Workout for water that is knee deep, give or take a few inches.

    Another alternate would be a Two-By-Two freestyle from a catchup position, to focus on form. Just thoughts. Hang in there.

      1. Never underestimate the power of aqua. 😉 It was part of my training, and helped hugely to prevent repetitive motion injury. And after my solo, I had some minor stiffness for a day or so, then was fine. 😉

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