Just plain ol’ nope. Not gonna do it.

Went to Revere Beach today, geared up and ready to swim. Figured after my Vampire Swim in 51F water (all 10 strokes of it) and 43F air temp, how bad could it be in Revere with the sun out, 45F air temp?

Well, within seconds I knew it would be bad. Upon stepping into the water, my feet were on fire. So damn cold. Went up to mid-calf and dropped the thermometer in, let it sink.

So beautiful, so unassuming…

Cold. Mercury hovered between 49 and 50F. Felt colder. Frankly, couldn’t believe I was able to stay in the 51F last weekend as long as I did. Probably peer-pressure.

I tried to go to Breakheart Reservation right after. Haven’t been yet, figured I could buy the annual parking pass and while there take a temp of the lake water. That’s the only lake nearby that you’re allowed to swim in. Might be colder. Might be warmer. Who knows? Couldn’t get there anyway; something big was going on as people were parked up and down the street leading to the park. Couldn’t even get in. Will try again during the week.

So perhaps my ocean swimming is done for the season. Dang.

Go back human, you can’t hang

3 thoughts on “Nope!”

  1. You have to trust yourself for five minutes. . . after that, the fire will go out and leave pure cold. 😛 The picky pins and needles may linger, but if you stay slow to regulate your breathing, and ride high on the water so your back and shoulders stay for as long as possible, there is hope. . .

    I’m wavering on Ice Mile. . . need to make calls about getting an EKG without medical crisis. . . Dratted IISA- they don’t have the US health care system. Biggest hurdle for me is getting someone to go with me and wait me out while I swim, and spot me during the warm up phase. Hard to use up goodwill when I know I’ll be groveling for crew in the summer.

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