2019 season

Trying to figure out my 2019 season, while balancing financial and familial responsibilities with swimming desires. Oh to be independently wealthy. I’d do a lot more swim-travel.

Anyway, I’m a shoe in for Boston Light, since I volunteered last year I get to skip the lottery. So that’s in stone. I’m going to sit at my computer on 1 Feb with credit card and everything else needed to register for Swim the Suck, so hopefully I get in there. So there’s two marathon swims on sked. But what else?

I can’t afford, both in time and $$$, any 8 Bridges stages, despite wanting desperately to attempt one or two of them. I’d also love to do the other two of the Tennessee River Triple.

But there are a few other swims here. The two I did in Salem last year I will definitely do again. Those two were pretty well-organized and oh so close. I’m looking forward to swimming them again. Plus this year will be the inaugural Frogman swim on 2 June here in Boston. I’m looking to volunteer in that one. And the Doty Mile is mid-June. Definitely gonna do that one; good opportunity to get used to the water I’ll be swimming in for BLS.

Cedar Island 5K, which I did back in 2012, may be on the radar again this year. The benefit of this swim is it is close to my dad’s house, so can combine that swim with a family visit. Registration for that swim opens 1 March, so we’ll see if I get in to that one. It IS a six-hour drive there, so that sucks. But again, I’d get to see my dad and family, so that makes it worth it.

But besides that, unsure what else. There are some others within a couple hours drive of Boston, so perhaps so other shorter ones? Two miles or 5k?  We’ll see.

How’s your 2019 season shaping up, dear reader(s)?

[Edited to add Doty Mile]

4 thoughts on “2019 season”

  1. I am poor and scared. Signed up
    For mims and stages 3 and 4. Trying to figure out how I’ll pay it all. I guess it is my midlife crisis. Sure beats alternatives! Ha!

    Suck was not cheap either by the time I got there and stayed etc. but what a fun swim it was!! Happy new hear!!

    1. Thanks, you too!

      StS is my one expensive swim trip, although this year I’m hoping to take my wife and have her kayak for me, which would be a first. It would make for a nice trip for us as we haven’t had one for decades.

      1. Sure will!! I never knew Tennessee was that gorgeous. I tend to have a block for that part of the US. Clearly I was wrong!! Enjoy!! Happy new year!!

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