First failure

Did a USRPT session again on Wednesday morning. 20×100 hitting 1:38 leaving on 2:00. Did a 500 warm up then did the set. Felt pretty good, hit the first few at 1:35 then settled into 1:36-1:37. First failure wasn’t till set #12 which I hit at 1:40.

According to the rules, I sat out the next set, so that’s a lot of rest, then I started set #13. If I had failed that one, then my USRPT workout would have been done. Two failures in a row or three total failures. So I worked really hard to not get my second failure in set #13.

And I didn’t! Kept the sets on time until set #18. Another 1:40. Another wait out, then two more sets. I was so tired by this point I didn’t care if I failed on #19 or #20. But I failed on none of them. w00t!

I’ll stick to this set until my first failure goes more over to the right. I’m still researching on whether I’m supposed to stay at this pace until I do the entire 20 without any failures, or if I can move to 1:37, say, if my first failure pushes all the way to the right to maybe set #17? I also am unsure…if I missed #12, the extra time I spent resting, did that count as #13? Should I have just counted my next one as #14?

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