Water’s warmed up

Went to Revere Beach today after work. Sun’s out, so why not, right?

Walking in, I couldn’t believe how “warm” the water felt. I ran back up the beach to deposit my phone and went back in. The wind was howling, so I went deeper. Much better when I was up to my neck in the water. Almost warm.

Thermometer said 59-60F, hovering near 60F. I floated around for a while, the waves coming in strong. Sun was coming in and out, some little birds came flying by me, doing acrobatics right above the waves. They were awesome. I think they were Greater Shearwaters. At least that’s the best I could do with my National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds (Eastern Region, of course).

I ended up staying in the water for 25 minutes. The waves were rough, so I really just bobbed around for a bit. The temp stood at 59F when I got out. Funny how 13 degrees can make it seem warm. (It was 46F last time I was here on 28 April.) Didn’t realize I’d been in the water for 25 minutes till I got out and looked at my phone. The wind was crazy, and the air temp was quite low, 51F or so. I froze when I got out, and trying to get dry and dressed with my towel-thing flying all over the place. Took me forever to get warm.

One thought on “Water’s warmed up”

  1. Every bit helps. Can’t believe you floated- Once I get in, I GO. Today was a short day- fifty one or so F, Fourteen minutes, and not bad getting dry and dressed before shivers. Was pretty cold for about twenty minutes, and another twenty and cocoa before I felt no residual tremors. Forty minutes out of the water and I was at tap class, and fine. Have an exit plan- especially in wind. Consider putting a water proof table cloth or something over you driver’s seat so you can sit a bit out of the wind- if the car is in the sun, you might wrap your wet suit area in a thick towel, pull on sweatshirt and coat and hat, and wrap your legs in another big towel while you warm in the sun- once you are through the worst, and can drive, do the pants change wiggle. 😉 Just thoughts. A thermos in the car is also good- with a LID and STRAW feature, so you don’t get hot liquid in your eyes. Without wind, at your temperatures, you may be able to dry, dress, and jog to warm up with fewer shivers. Enjoy – and remember you are in the water range of my BLS- you are on track to be fine.

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