Where’d the warm water go?

Went back to Revere Beach today. Unlike Thursday evening, it was a bit colder.

Couldn’t let a sunny day go by. It was so nice to see families out and about. Some kids were in the water, so that boded well for me. I geared up and started walking out.

Cold. I walked in to waist-high, and stood there for a while. I knew there were people looking at the crazy person in the water, so knew I couldn’t just stand here forever. I had to dive in and swim at some point. So I did just that.

As previously in cold water, within a few strokes I had quite the headache. Switched to breaststroke. Then back to freestyle. Swam a while. I got used to the temperature after a while and it became pleasant.

When I first walked into the water, the temp was at 58F. I swam farther out and checked the temp. 56F. At the turn-around I checked again. 56F. Definitely cold (for me). Some time into the swim I started to notice my hands getting numb. I swam back to the starting point and made my way back to the beach. As I got shallower, the temp went up. 58F right before I got out.

Wind wasn’t as bad today as Thursday. Walked up to the street and my car, then donned my swim robe and did the uncoordinated drying off, removing my suit, putting my sweats on. Managed to get my swim robe stuck in the seat of my sweatpants, with a very nice older Indian couple watching me the entire time. Awesome. Got the swim robe off myself and put my shirt on. Started getting cold. Got in the car and turned the heat on. Yes. With 70F air temp. Froze my toes off.

Did only just 0.6 miles, but mostly I was happy I did over 30 minutes in 56-58F water temp. Getting used to cold(er) water.

One thought on “Where’d the warm water go?”

  1. Good job- progress! If I can’t park within fifty feet of the water, I lug a bag of stuff and maybe a lawn-chair, and lay out everything in the order you will need it- towel for around suit area, second for shoulders and upper body, robe or baggy sweater/sweatshirt- and even at 70F air, I would add a winter coat to my long sweater. Replace cap with winter hat. Robe conceals sliding off suit and towel, and pull on sweats or baggy jeans- sometimes jeans go on easier. Having a place to sit if you are shaky or feeling worn out is useful- drink something warm- get all that done in five minutes, and you might be ok to jog to the car and avoid hard core shivers- and only have minor shivers. I wear old leg warmers instead of socks for ease of putting on, and let them hang past my toes. I have size eleven clogs that they fit into. Bundle and stay bundled until you are warmed.

    And do not shiver and drive. 😉 You can do this!

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