Water temp still going down!

Sunny and beautiful in the greater Boston area today!

As I’ve said before, can’t pass up a sunny day. Tons of people at the beach, which was great to see. Even saw an adult male, with ample padding, going out into the water and enjoying. His friends/family made fun of him swimming in the cold water. Then the crazy swimmer showed up.

Asked my wife to get some pictures. She loves those close-up Superman poses.

Commenced walking in. Dammit all but it was cold! The walk in took quite a bit of time. I’ve found that I’m good till I gotta put my arms in. My hands get so cold. I wore two caps today, hoping to forego or forestall the headache. No such luck. Did 4 or 6 strokes, then breast. Decided to try 10 breast strokes, then free, adding a few strokes each time to the free. Did 8, 10, 12, 15, then went up by 5s. Before I knew it, I was pretty much used to it. Up to 100. Still did the breast stroke, mostly because it is so freaking pretty and I love watching all the families, the birds, and basking in the sun. Not doing much distance here, but certainly getting my cold water immersion. Out in the deep checked the thermometer. Wavered between 54-55F.

Swam against the current for quite a while, then turned and came back. Saw my wife, in her fuchsia* (mauve? purple?) sweatshirt, waved to her for a while. Then noticed long pants. Whoops. Wife wore shorts. Doh! I was far enough out that person never waved back, and probably didn’t even notice me anyway, so that’s good.

Swam a bit past where I entered the water, then turned around again and swam back. Felt like I was out there forever. Turns out only 47-some minutes. Oh well. I gotta remember to wear my watch next time. I really wanted to do an hour, and could have. Perhaps tomorrow? Forecast is for mostly cloudy but warm. Air temp anyway!

*I had the 8 color box of crayons growing up, so I don’t know all these fancy color terms. The three primary and three secondary, and white and black. That’s about it. 

2 thoughts on “Water temp still going down!”

  1. Nicely done. Every try will be easier. On Free, do you open and close your hands on recovery? Can help. I’m hoping for a four hour sub or at sixty for Ederle, just in case that works out.

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