Walden Pond

Great swim today at Walden Pond! Yep, that Walden Pond.

Picture above is after I swam from the main beach to the other end of the pond, Ice Fort Cove, about a half-mile away. Then I swam over to Little Cove, turned around and aimed for Thoreau’s Cove, then back toward the main beach.

The water was lovely, 64F near the beach and 61-62F in the middle of the pond. Really perfect. Beautiful skies, gorgeous trees, even saw some fish. Water was so clear near the edges, wonder how deep the pond is? Mr. Google says 108 feet.

One boat out near the western end fishing. As I was coming in, another swimmer was leaving, swimming quickly by me. Then when I was on the beach changing another swimmer showed up in her wetsuit and asked me about the water. We had a nice conversation about the water temp the last couple of weeks and then she was off to enjoy the lake and I was off to suffer Boston traffic en route home.

If I’m near that area of the state in the future I will be swimming at Walden Pond again!

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