Rhode Island Open Water

Was in Rhode Island (and Providence Plantations) today so stopped by McCorrie Point for some open water swimming.

Thanks to the FB Group Sachuest Ocean Swimmers, I met with Dan, who mapped out the area for me. (Thanks Dan!)

Water was rough, which made this fun. Lots of arm work. Water was a delightful 61F. Did two laps out there, then had to head back to Boston.

Again, spent a lot of time floating around looking at the sights. I just love swimming in OW. So pleasant. Only one boat moored out there, and with the waves, hard to spot the mooring buoys. No matter. It’s not about the speed right now. I can work on speed in the pool. Right now OW is about salt, cold and time.

One thought on “Rhode Island Open Water”

  1. Oh, envy. . . I was flipping a coin about a mad dash to RI two days ago. Can’t wait to get to Misquamicut or East Beach again. 😀 Really hoping to pull it together to go from one to the other and beyond just a bit. . . 😉

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