Shortest swim in the world

Today tried to do a swim at Breakheart Reservation here in Boston. Walked the mile or so from parking to the stupid lake. Got there, donned my safety buoy and all that crap in full view of the lifeguards. Wife hung out till I was in the water, then she was off on a long hike. As soon as I got to the roped off area and lifted the rope to go under it, immersed up past the cockles, the damn lifeguard blew his whistle. “No swimming outside the swim area!” he screeched. WTF? You watched me put all my crap on. Did you think I was gonna do laps in this tiny, 50′ by 10′ area? So, in the end, did a whopping 36 feet today. Dammit.

The lifeguard manager came by to talk to me. He was very nice. I mentioned to him that triathlon clubs practice here, so why can’t I swim. He gave me the party line. Luckily, he was very clear that he and his lifeguards have no control over anyone who shows up before or after his lifeguards show up for work.

“What time do your guys start work?”

“9:45 or so, sir.”

“Thank you.”

So apparently I have to show up at Breakheart early in the morning or after 5:45pm, when the lifeguards end their day.

The lake is beautiful. I really wish I had tried to enter the water outside of the lifeguard’s view. There was a place to the left of the picture above which was out of view of the Nazi; I should have entered there. Oh well. I learned my lesson.

2 thoughts on “Shortest swim in the world”

  1. Yeah, I no longer swim during official hours unless it is very quiet and I don’t mind going back and forth- like if I bring my daughter and want to keep an eye on her while she plays with friends and pretends I’m not there. Twelve laps per mile is still bette than thirty six in a pool. I like getting to the lake to swim the sun down. After dark, there are fewer boats, and it is pretty.

  2. I was up there today pushing the Running stroller. I swam in there outside the ropes when training for Alcatraz. That’s lame that they stopped you. It is a nice picnic area and reservoir.

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