Beavertail 10K Swim Report: Gonna tell you the end before the beginning

Yesterday I got my butt handed to me in Rhode Island.

The Beavertail 10K is a small-group swim set up by the wonderful Mike Garr. I heard about it through the Sachuest Ocean Swimmers group on FB. Last minute. Like a month ago. I had to do this swim.

Dear reader(s) know that I’ve been working on acclimatizing myself to cold and salt water since end of April. With Boston Light coming up, I knew I’d have to be able to stand the cold (it was 57F the minute Bridget jumped in at the start last year!) and the salt. I don’t have much of a history of swimming long in salt water. The few times I’ve tried, I’ve gotten nauseous. I’ve been building up at Revere Beach in the hopes that I’d be able to go five hours without stomach issues, but yesterday proved that’s not going to happen. Spoiler: I’ve pulled myself from BLS.

That’s the bad news. In part II of this report I’ll tell you a bit about the prep for this swim, here. Part III here.

2 thoughts on “Beavertail 10K Swim Report: Gonna tell you the end before the beginning”

  1. What an accomplishment!! Our small group of early morning mackerel cove swimmers salutes you. Solid effort.

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