Nice afternoon for a swim!

Had work outside Boston today and was done a bit early. Just so happened that I was only a few miles from Walden Pond, so guess what Iron Mike did today?

Damn straight, I went swimming! Walden is so damn beautiful, it really is hard to concentrate on actually swimming. I stopped quite a bit to look at the trees, birds, other swimmers.

As you can see above, I got rather dizzy swimming criss-cross around that lake. I wanted to get two miles in, and I pretty much did. (Mr. Garmin said 1.99 miles…rounding up!) I visited a couple of areas of the lake that I hadn’t seen yet. Fewer fisherman than I expected, so I was able to hug the coast more than last time.

Water was 81-82F. So warm. Nice weather, mostly sunny with some times of light cloud cover. All in all, a great day and swim.

Walden really supports open water swimmers. Unlike my attempt at Breakheart Reservation some time ago, this time I had no doubt that I’d be able to swim even with the lifeguards there!

Near the above sign there was another with a list of things to think about before going out on a swim. I know it all has to do with legal issues, but still, it is nice to have. We had an entire lane through which to enter the lake. The other areas were roped off in the shallows for kids and families.  You can see one of the roped-off swim areas behind my right shoulder in the picture below.

All in all, a great day. Of course, every day you can get an open water swim in is a great day!

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