Rainy day swim

Got a nice fast swim in today down in Rhode Island. Went to McCorrie Pt and met up with Beavertail 10K veteran Dan. Dan is fast so it was quite a bit of work trying to keep up with him. (Spoiler alert: I didn’t.)

Ugly day…still better than not swimming

Water was choppy and there were bits of rain, so my arms now are sore as hell. Water deliciously warm at 72F. So salty. Low tide. Lots of boats, all moored. Tons of little squiggley jellyfish or something that feels like schmoshy sausages floating around in the water. At one point something big and bag feeling floated over my back. Also caught something in my underarm. If these are anything like the little squiggleys I met at Beavertail, then I’m gonna have some itchy spots in a day or two.

Fast forward to now, about 30 minutes after the above. My wife cut my hair and I showered McCorrie off of me. Sure enough, spots along my neck and under one arm. Itching ETA, 24 hours.

Dan swam fast as hell, getting to each of our checkpoints well before me and he waited, which was nice. Once we got to the far end, a bit over a mile, we turned around to swim back, straight through without stopping. He kept near the coast, I tried to beeline it back. I kinda did, as you can see in the screenshot below. My total was 1.95 miles while Dan’s was 1.99. (The loops at the bottom of Dan’s tracks is an extra mile he threw in at the end for an even 3 miles.)

My swim today: 1.95 miles
Dan’s swim

Been to Rhode Island 10-12 times. Swam there four times and only once was it sunny, and that was for Beavertail 10K. What’s up Rhode Islanders? You guys ever sunny?

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