Revere getting a wee bit colder!

Had a nice swim today back at my old haunt, Revere Beach.

Yes, those are Mennonites out enjoying the beach. The kids were so cute!

Water was cold! Colder than last weekend by far. I stupidly forgot my thermometer, but I’d guess 62-63F. Not as cold as the Salem swim at the beginning of August. Hardly any waves; tide was going out.

My wife used the time to go get in a good walk, getting 6400 steps in the hour+ that I was in the water. I got 1.73 miles in, which was fine. Again, I enjoy looking around too much! Although this time I stopped less often. Did about 1300 strokes to the jetty to the south, where I found my wife hopping around on the rocks. I thought of getting up on the rocks with her for a selfie, but the shallow water had so many rocks there I didn’t want to get rolled. So instead she took a pic of me.

Wife took pictures of me as I was approaching the point in the picture above. I often wonder how visible I am. Mostly because of crazy boaters and jet skiers. The first picture below is zoomed in.

This next picture was taken seconds later, not zoomed in.

Still kinda visible, at least the orange SaferSwimmer buoy. My bright yellow MSF cap, not as much; most of it is underwater after all. When I wear my lime-green rash guard, I think I’m even more visible, but I’ll have to test that out next time my wife goes with me.

Made my way back to finish up the hour. Beach got a bit more crowded when I got back to the beach, sun-worshipers enjoying the day. I love seeing people out. Unlike when I was last here, and even last weekend at Nahant, there were no swimmers! One couple went down to the water and dipped their toes in and did some glamour shots, but nothing above the ankle got wet.

Was able to dry off, change and sit on the beach for a bit till my wife got back. Really beautiful day out there. Wonder what the water temp will be next weekend?

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