Revere not so cold

Where all the cold water at?

Revere today was delightfully warm at a constant 66F throughout my crazy track. Sun was out, people were lying on the beach, all in all, a great day of swimming.

Swam over toward where the breakwater rocks are, but this time the tide was in; seems I’m always there when the tide is out. Nice to have deeper water today. Once I got over to that area, I turned west and hugged the shore for quite a while. As the water got shallower, I did a 180 and headed back out. I saw a buoy way off, near the jetty, so I aimed for that. Within about 300 strokes I couldn’t find it anymore. Stopped and sure enough, I had just passed it. Seemed farther away!

I swam north toward the large rose-colored building I aim for often. Swam for a while and saw that I was beyond where I entered. The wife and I discussed prior to the swim that I’d get out down by the bathrooms to use the showers. I’ve never used the bathrooms there, so had no idea if they’d still be open and if the outdoor showers would still be on.

Started heading in and saw a weird group of birds floating near the beach. Weird color for a bird, and they seemed to be floating and moving in sync. A few strokes later and I realize it was an old man floating on his back. Whoops.

Came in and walked to the showers. A bunch of high school-aged kids were out and about with trash bags cleaning up the beach. So nice! Showers were on, washed my feet off and managed to keep them sand-free to the car. Another successful swim at Revere! But, when is the water gonna go below 60F?!

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