Damn cold

Wow! Took 14 days off from the open water, and boy oh boy, that was a mistake. Last time I swam outdoors, 66F was the temp I believe. Bearable. Even warm.

Saturday, however, not so much. Different place, sure. But holy crap. 54 freakin’ degrees. Brrrr…

As I walked in there were three guys throwing a tennis ball around, diving into the water. They were complaining about the water temp, as I would have if I had friends swimming with me, and I asked them if they wanted to know the temp. One of them guessed 54F. The thermometer said 56F. We both agreed it was cold.

15 minutes later, after much head-out-of-the-water breast stroke, I looked at the thermometer: 54F. F for freakin’ cold. That local was right. Damn.

So, only 38 minutes and 0.84 miles, hardly anything. Except a lot of cold water adaptation. Really looking forward to the Vampire swim at the end of October; really think I’ll actually be able to swim this year instead of just stand in cold water!

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