2019 was…a year

I guess this could be a long post, but why?

Let’s just say 2019 was interesting. I swam everything, no DNFs. But there was one DNS: Boston Light. After Beavertail two weeks prior to Boston Light, I realized I was not as salt-water adapted as I needed to be for BLS, so I bailed. Became moot when fog was so bad that the entire swim got cancelled.

In other news though, I did do some good cold water adaptation. I did as much as 34 minutes in 51F. I started in April with standing in 46F and by the end, while mid-50s felt cold, it didn’t feel so cold I couldn’t swim in it. And 60s felt down-right warm!

I’ll start again in April, try to actually do some strokes in the 40’s instead of just standing for minutes and then dunking myself. I’m actually looking forward to getting more cold adapted.

And in 2020 I’ll try some new swims and try to get in to some old favorites. But first I gotta get back in the chlorinated box. Ugh…

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