Springtime in January

What do you do when it is 70F in January in Boston? Go to the beach, of course!

Revere Beach was beautiful and everyone was out with the unseasonable weather. I brought my thermometer and of course wore my suit just in case the water was also unseasonably warm.

It was not. It was 46F. Sure, for some out there, that’s swimmable. Not for me. Back in April I stood for a long time in 46F, dunked myself, then got out. But that was at the start of the season. Yesterday being 11 January, not sure standing for 15 in 46F is gonna do anything for acclimatization later this year.

Besides, I had a better opportunity. A hike with my beautiful wife!

We walked along the beach then back behind some rocky areas to the south. It was nice seeing some of the areas I swim from a different vantage point, and of course seeing all the people out enjoying the strange weather.

And today we took another walk at nearby Breakheart Reservation, about 3.5 miles in the hills. Well, I forgot my GPS watch, so maybe more, maybe less. About 9000 steps, so I’m guessing more.

As I write this, the night is already getting cooler than it has been the last few days. I guess we’ll be back in winter soon. Unfortunately.

2 thoughts on “Springtime in January”

  1. Keep going. . . walk, stride, wade. Go ready to swim. . . Just in case. 🙂 The first quarter mile is the hardest. 😉

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