My Issyk Kul swim is now an MSF documented swim

Dear reader(s) know(s) that I swam across lake Issyk Kul back in 2016. It was the pinnacle of what turned out to be a wonderful two-year assignment to the Switzerland of Central Asia. I had a great crew & support from the embassy to make that swim a success.

I’d long thought about getting it documented, but honestly thought I didn’t have enough documentation. I made sure my crew chief, Chris C., used the MSF observer document for my entire swim. And of course I followed the MSF rules. But still, did I have enough background?

Then the wonderful founder of MSF, Evan, developed a new MSF product that I just fell in love with.

(c) Anthony McCarley, used with his permission

Anthony’s awesome swim down south and the photo he got from it…my goodness that’s sweet. I wanted one for Issyk Kul. I contacted Evan and told him I’d order one, but he advised me to submit my paperwork and get it documented, I’d get a photo like the above. Well, that did it for me.

Fast forward to yesterday, and the MSF documented my swim! What’s that mean? Well, in MSF’s words

Each MSF Documented Swim undergoes rigorous review, and we only publish swims that meet the highest standards of integrity, thoroughness, and adherence to standard marathon swimming rules and conduct.

So there you have it. My swim, first ever across that part of the lake and second ever person to cross the lake, is now forever memorialized.

And soon, I’ll have that sweet photo hanging on my wall!

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