USMS 1-hour epostal

Today I swam the 1-hour postal, an annual event put on my USMS.

My goal for this swim was 3000 yards or more. The New England Masters (NEM) LMSC sponsored the event and got the pool at the Boston Sports Institute (BSI). BSI has an amazing pool, 10 lanes with a moveable wall. Besides the pool, they have two ice rinks and one indoor turf for box lacrosse.

The NEM set up three heats and I got the first heat at 8:30 am. My wife agreed to time for me. The BSI was about 40 minutes away so we had to wake up early. Well worth it to swim in that pool. Wish we lived near a pool like that!

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Swim felt pretty good. I tried to stay consistent, and by my times, looks like I did. My initial plan was to go out fast, then get into a groove. And for the last 20 minutes go fast. That plan went by the wayside about halfway through. Maybe last 10 minutes? Nope, maybe last 7 or 5.

The last half-hour I simply wanted to leave the (starting) wall when the seconds were less than when I last left. For example, if I left the wall at 0:55, then I want to leave it next at less than :55. For as long as I was paying attention to this, I was leaving the wall less than a minute later. Granted, only :04 or :05 less than a minute, but that’s fine. One minute laps means 3000 yards in an hour.

First comment from my wife and one of the timers nearby was “amazingly consistent.” And looking at my time, sure was: 3275 yards in one hour, that makes :54.5 per 50.

Sure, I’d love to have swum faster. Back in 2011, I swam 3650. Maybe next year I’ll aim for :50 per 50.

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