Swim the Suck #4

w00t! I got into Swim the Suck 2020, the 11th anniversary of this marvelous swim. I am so excited.

For the non-swimming dear readers of mine who aren’t in the know, Swim the Suck is so popular that most years it sells out in minutes. The Race Director, Karah Nazor, advertises days ahead of what we swimmers need to have ready to register at noon on the day. This year she even showed up screenshots of each step so we’d have all our info ready. I refused to go on a trip to Ikea with my wife and daughter today so I could be at the laptop at noon. I even set an alarm for 11:55 a.m. to make sure I wasn’t dozing off.

I had everything ready except for my kayaker’s email. No biggie, got that out of my email in seconds. Hoodie size L, yes? Sure, why not. I didn’t even want to run upstairs to check the sizes of my current hoodies. Speed was what was needed. I zoomed through the entire process and pressed Submit (or Pay or Whatever…I can’t remember now).

Then I got the confirmation number. Did that mean I was in? Not sure. But I had a number and a receipt. Surely that means I’m in, right?

I posted something on FB about finishing the registration process (4 minutes btw) and thinking I’m in, and 9-time Sucker Patty H. confirmed that if I got the confirmation number, I’m in. Hot damn! In for Swim the Suck #4!

Then two hours later, Karah commented on my FB post: Guess who was the first swimmer registered this year? Yours truly! Hells yeah. Proper prior planning prevents piss-poor performance. And I hella planned prior, properly.

Except for the hoodie size. Needed an XL. Uh, hey, Karah! Email coming your way.


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