Observer logs

Had a beer for the first time in a week. Ok, three beers. But they have Flying Dog here, so had to carb up from my 10-hour effort yesterday.

People today were very interested in my swim, and I was surprised that so many of them were interested in how many calories I burned yesterday. Apparently that’s something people track. I don’t.

My 10 hours of swimming yesterday burned 8000 calories according to a GPS watch that fails to connect to GPS ever. So besides not knowing what 8000 calories really means, How does this watch know how much work I did yesterday?

I’m a bit sore today, but I usually get swim-sore the second day, so we’ll see what tomorrow brings. I can lift my arms today, so that’s good. The most sore of any of my muscles are my abs. I guess you’ll get that with 1400 flip turns. I have to roll out of my bed. And when I walk up stairs I feel it. I guess those 1400 “air” squats yesterday did a number on my quads.

I’m off to bed soon. Here are the three pages of “observer” logs from yesterday. I had wonderful volunteers who took time off from their busy days here and watched me do lap after lap. (Boring!!!!)


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