Finally on the board in all events

First time back in the pool this morning since the big swim on Saturday. Felt good! Kept it to one mile though. I’ve had bad sleeps Sunday and Monday night, so was dragging during the days. Had an okay sleep last night, a good and solid six hours. Hoping this swim today and the walk I just took around base will help me sleep tonight.

When I got to the pool this morning I noticed the lifeguards hadn’t erased the tracking board from Saturday, thankfully, because I never got a picture.

Distance and the time of day when I hit the distance. (Event started exactly at 10:00)

On Saturday, I noticed that Upul finally got the printer working and my 800m time from weeks (and weeks) ago was on the board. I now have times in all events.

All events covered now
That damn Crowe

When I arrived this morning, Upul welcomed me and asked me how I was doing. Then when I went to take the pictures above, he commented: Sir, you swam your first mile on Saturday in only 28 minutes. This one was over 30 minutes. You need to redo all these swims!

Tonight while going to dinner, the senior enlisted guy on base, who advised me at the beginning on how to arrange this insanity, saw me and asked how my swim went. I told him great, and he responded “So, easy then?” I almost choked, said no, but told him I was happy with the result.

“What? You swam 17 and a half miles in that little pool?” The commanding general looked at me differently. His security guy, someone with whom I’ve had chats a couple times a week for the last five months, looked at me and said, “You’re that guy?!”

I love destroying assumptions. Yes, these puny arms and shoulders pulled this dad bod through 700 laps. Surprise!

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